Modelling Lispole Station
by Paul Titmuss

This is a small diorama that fits onto a shelf of a bookcase - the size is 74.5 x 25cm. Just the eastern end of the station has been modelled. Included are the platform, station hut and siding with yard.

Sources of information have been very limited - restricted to one photograph taken in the 1920's by F. Le Manquais, a video clip from J.I.C. Boyd's 'Manx and Irish Lines Remembered', and a OS map extract. To supplement this I have recent photographs of a semi-derelict site (courtesy of Martin Soilleux-Cardwell & Nelson Heron). This is all there seems to be available.

I have had to guess at most details of the station hut – both the photographic sources show only the eastern end, a blank wall, which is not a lot to go on. If further details of this wayside station emerge as a result of this page then success will have been achieved.

There are four purposes to this small 'layout' - a practice at modelling a real location; a place to test out locos and stock under construction; a backdrop for photo's of rolling stock; and a place to display some completed stock (rather than it sitting in a box).

The diorama has now been completed and is finished to a late 1940s/early 1950s atmosphere. Hopefully it captures some of the spirit of the real Lispole.

Other pictures of this diorama can be found on
the models of stations page