Recalling a discussion
about wagons...

During an exchange of correspondence with Ken Elliott about T&DR wagons, David Rowlands comments:

"You are quite right about the wagon changes, (alterations, rebuilds, bodges, etc), Dick Heaslop told me that in the 1940s they did ANYTHING to keep a wagon in use for cattle. The best period was in the 1930s when-under GSR- major wagon repairs were carried out at Limerick; he (Dick) seemed to imply that under the T&D management- even in the better days- the C&W Dept. was often short of stores and materials. Once CIE took over, (in 1945) wagons were no longer of long term interest and "sent to Limerick" came to mean, lost, strayed or scrapped! He was quite proud of what they managed (to achieve ), in the mid 1920s when he was foreman of the Carriage Shops at Tralee. Under GSR he got absorbed into the broad gauge wagonry organisation. I am quite sure, Bristols and Midlands would not have recognised many of their wagons by the 1920s".

David Rowlands 2005

With many thanks to Ken Elliott